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A biO3

About Us

We are a consulting company that was born with the objective of offering solutions in the environment and sustainability guided by science and innovation. Our commitment is to the balanced integration between man and nature, using best practices and success stories.

There are more than 20 years on the market, We believe that good results are a reflection of continuous development and constant cooperation.. For that, in addition to extensive experience and performance in relevant sectors of the economy, we have technical quality professionals, having as a key point the achievement of a sustainable development.


Advise clients in the area of ​​environment and sustainability, using knowledge and innovative techniques to assist in the implementation of integrated and effective solutions.


Contribute to sustainable development through innovation and efficiency, using the best practices available and discussed in the market.


We work to positively impact society, guided by innovation, for valuing people, for value generation and ethics.

how we act

1. Diagnosis

A broad view of the organization and understanding its functioning and providing a technical view of the process, highlighting the events and treatments for the execution of the organization's activities and operations.

2. Planning

Detailed procedures mapped, aligning with the areas core of business and development of an action plan, a transition schedule and deliverables to achieve the planned management system.

3. Support

Monitoring the action plan prepared and support for the preparation of manuals, procedures, policies and programs, always in line with the area core of business.

4. Training

For the system to work efficiently, technical and management skills must be developed. With a solid background, tools and skills to manage organizations in an environment of increasing complexity and demand.

5. Verification

It is necessary to verify that the objectives have been achieved. Evaluate the structure of the implemented system and ensure that it complies with established standards, and in cases of route changes, propose improvements and adjustments.

where we operate

Social and Environmental Certifications

Certifications are tools to communicate to stakeholders that the organization follows good practices, either to demonstrate its way of being internally in the organization or externally to society in general.

Management Systems

A management system is the mechanism that enables the integration of business operations and processes with sustainable and efficient management., to create a development environment, improvement, transparency and traceability.

High Conservation Value Areas

The approach related to High Conservation Value Areas is a methodology to identify and protect the impacts of land use change. It is globally applicable across a wide range of scales, as in great landscapes, farms, plantations and small properties, in ecosystems (from forests to pastures) and productive systems.


For an organization to adopt a sustainability agenda, is being willing to work with complex challenges, but it is also about having greater knowledge of its operations and their impacts, of being able to create opportunities and increase their competitiveness., and something very important, be transparent to society.

Waste Management

Increasingly growing demands for commitments to the Environment are no longer required only by legal requirement, and are now demanded by customers and stakeholders as part of the company's day-to-day practices. Waste Management involves mapping a company's processes, the analysis, classification and quantification of waste generated by each process, the storage and identification, and the destination.

Health and safety at Work

Health and Safety at Work (SSO) refers to the set of practices, policies and procedures implemented by
organizations to ensure safe and healthy working conditions. The main objective of OHS is to promote work environments
work insurance, healthy and protected, where the
workers can carry out their activities in a
protected and risk-free.


We believe that innovation is an important driver for accelerating sustainable development. E, in an interdependent and connected world, it is necessary to seek partners and learn to work in collaboration. E, when it comes to transversal skills, the subject is comprehensive. That is why, we form a team of partners with the most diverse experiences to offer the best solutions for our customers.

to keep innovating, We signed a partnership with Sustain!

A Sustain is an online platform for the systematization and management of performance and result indicators, with the establishment and monitoring of programs, goals and action plans.

A Sustain brings a library of essential sustainability indicators (GRAY, ISO, WHEREAS, Ethos, Global Compact…) and it is also 100% adherent to any other methodologies, Organizations' own certifications or criteria.

The platform meets different scopes quickly, segura, effective and integrated, enabling due diligence assessments, ESG performance, audits and certification preparation, evaluation of management systems, supplier and supply chain management and comparatives, rankings and monitoring.

Our clients