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Energy efficiency in building lighting

Lighting consumes a lot of energy in commercial buildings. Near 20% of the total energy of the commercial building is consumed by lighting. Lighting is the first consumer of electricity, since it consumes up to 40% of electricity.

PROCEL 3E – Lighting

Regarding lighting, PROCEL is even more dynamic, and following very simple analysis steps, it is possible to adapt the building according to the financial possibilities, the technologies available and the ability to install these in the building.

Some items that should be taken care of, step by step:

  • Analysis of the electrical project and the division of the frame;
  • Survey of lighting potential density – DPI;
  • Determine the level of efficiency of the building through the Technical Quality Regulation – RTQ-C;
  • Point out possible measures that could be adopted, based on project results and assumptions,;

From this simplified scheme, possible solutions for the project are raised.

It is noteworthy that the observations of each measure taken must be carefully considered.. The integration of natural and artificial light requires care, as natural light can blur the user's vision, which causes the solution to become unusable due to its negative interference elsewhere, making it inefficient.

The advantages

The advantages are diverse. From DPI accounting and the use of more modern technologies, the power density will be lower, the thermal load of the environment will also be lower, which will result in positive impacts on air conditioning efficiency, that will need less energy to function.

The interconnection between the tripod of energy efficiency in buildings and the analysis of this, is a positive point for solving the problems found..

The Procel seal guarantees this dynamism and accessibility in adaptation, no standardization is required in the solutions to be used.

Furthermore, incentive programs like o End, from the BNDES, it's the Energy Efficiency Program, of ANEEL, have exclusive lines of credit that can help you make the necessary changes.

Two planning managers from a public agency are called to a meeting. They need to evaluate the lighting system for a renovation of the building where they work., watch the third episode of the series below, the “National Energy Conservation Label – Lighting”:

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