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Energy efficiency in building envelopes

The wrap protects the interior of the building. Inefficient buildings are hot in summer and cold in winter. That is why, the efficiency treated goes beyond the reduction in energy costs. Given the territorial extension of Brazil, with different climatic realities, distinct strategies must be analyzed. And that's what the label reflects.

The principles of PROCEL 3E for the envelope

The label is divided into analyzing by segments some important points regarding the building envelope.

  • Coverage and wall transmittance – It is the rate of heat transmission through the walls caused by the temperature difference between the environments.
    No case, vertical gardens or green roofs can be the solution to achieve this efficiency. It will depend on the availability to use this solution in the project. Other technologies can be used.
  • Colors and surface absorbance – Absorbance is the radiation absorbed by a surface divided by the radiation incident on it..
    Lighter colors will lighten environments and absorb less heat, reducing energy expenditure and regulating temperature. External protections are also an option.. Again, in each project, a different action.
  • Zenith Lighting – It is the entry of natural light into the environments from openings created in the building's roof. In buildings already built, this option can be overlooked, by the difficulty in the necessary structural changes.

The advantages

The Procel seal guarantees this dynamism and accessibility in adaptation, no standardization is required in the solutions to be used.

Furthermore, incentive programs like o End, from the BNDES, it's the ANEEL's Energy Efficiency Program, have exclusive lines of credit that can help you make changes..

The principles of PROCEL 3E for the envelope, the second episode of the series, a “National Energy Conservation Label – Wrapping”:

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