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Brazilian cycle tourism moves towards growth

In Europe, the cycle tourism moved 44 billions of euros and employed 524 a thousand people in two years.

Cycle tourism routes have been gaining more and more space in the world. De acordo com relatório da Federação Europeia de Ciclismo, the segment moved 44 billions of euros on the continent in the year of 2012 e, in 2014, employed 524 a thousand people - more than the number of jobs produced by retail, which appears in second place with 80 thousand jobs.

No brazil, There are still no official data on the activity., but according to the Cycle Tourism Club of Brazil, the demand for this modality has increased.

cycle tourism
Cycling is far beyond a healthy practice for the body, as well as providing an approximation of the present environment.

From 2001, when was the club founded, Here, the number of people registered on the site increases year by year, arriving today at the mark of 25 thousand users who practice or intend to practice the activity.

According to data, if there were more options for destinations, the demand would be even greater. "We see a large number of interested parties who would do more tours if there was more structure, as a greater number of routes on rural roads and friendlier traffic in cities, for example", é o que diz Eliana Britto Garcia, Director of Club Projects.

No exterior, the routes most sought after by Brazilians are the French Way to Santiago de Compostela – in France and Spain – and the Via Claudia Augusta – which passes through Germany, Austria and Italy.

No brazil, the most coveted are the cycle tourism circuits in Santa Catarina: European Valley, Costa Verde and Sea Circuit, and Circuit of Araucarias.

For beginners and experienced cyclists

Although it is still not as explored as the traditional modalities, cycle tourism has been a gateway to the world of cycling for many practitioners.

Physical preparation, ideal bike, script and food are some of the points that deserve attention.

It is recommended for those interested to start with day trips, then go on weekend trips. Only then will the cyclist be able to take longer trips, of a week or more.

during the course, it is important to pay attention to the body, never reaching the limit of physical effort, in the end, the aim is to have fun and enjoy the holidays or free time. The basic rule is to take breaks before getting tired, drink water before feeling thirsty and eat before feeling hungry.

Another point is the importance of security items, such as helmet, rearview mirror, glove, light or colored clothes, reflective, Bell, headlight and taillights.

It is necessary to have a bike suitable for the chosen route and that it is overhauled and in good condition.. It is also important to bring a first aid kit and a tool kit.” - e know use them.

There are still few agencies that offer cycle tourism options, a large part organizes itineraries for gym groups, bike shops and night races.

for those who want to be adventurous

The Cycling Club provides the "Hint Manual for First Trip Cyclists" free of charge, which provides an in-depth guide on how to prepare for sightseeing trips by bicycle.

for longer trips, Generally, support cars are offered and even the rental of bicycles and safety equipment.

When choosing an agency to travel by bicycle, it is good to check if it follows the ABNT Norms for Adventure Tourism, related to cycle tourism. These standards dictate the security standards that an agency must adhere to..

They also provide the complete baggage list., over 150 items needed for a totally adventurous journey, entitled to camping. Click on here for more information.

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