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Amyris is the first biotech to receive Chain of Custody Certification

We are pleased to announce our successful collaboration with Amyris on their Certification projectBonsucro for Chain of Custody. We congratulate the company for being the first and only biotechnology company to receive the seal.

Sustainability is a key value for the new world market, an essential pillar for the transition of economies and organizations.

When an organization adapts processes and products to good practices based on sustainability, it creates an internal culture and policy that engage its employees with a vision of belonging and the importance of their actions regarding sustainable development, generating significant financial results and placing the organization at the forefront and at the top of market competitiveness.


Amyris is a leading science and technology company, development and production of sustainable health products & beauty and flavors & fragrances.

The company has a large market share with more than three thousand products from the most varied and recognized brands, reaching a market of over two hundred million consumers.

Bonsucro and the Chain of Custody

Bonsucro is a global organization that promotes sustainability in all production of sugarcane and its derivatives, chain of custody and trade.

Bonsucro certification is a global initiative to comply with the European Directive that developed a certification standard aimed at achieving sustainable sugarcane production (biomass) and their respective products, such as: sugar and ethanol, in social issues, environmental and economic.

The Bonsucro Chain of Custody Certification Standard ensures the sustainability and traceability of the entire supply chain, from the farm to the end consumer.

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