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starting with the introduction

Recently, in the month of March 2022, the Bonsucro certification system provided training on the technical parameters of the Bonsucro Production standard version 5.1 of your publication.

Bonsucro understands that learning and development are fundamental to a learning organization. That way, Bonsucro encourages its members, practitioners and agents of change to participate in training on sustainability in sugarcane cultivation.

The latest training available consists of a series of 7 modules covering the different sections of the Bonsucro Production Standard (v5.1).  The training was recorded in March 2022 and is available in English versions, Spanish and Portuguese. Furthermore, presentation slides are attached as PDFs, available for download in the videos. These training materials cover everything from the fundamentals of the Bonsucro Standards to the Bonsucro Calculator and the Certification system process.

The modules were categorized into:

MODULE 1 (BPSv5.1) – General Introduction to Bonsucro v5.1 Production Standard

MODULE 2 (BPSv5.1) – Assess and manage environmental risks, social and human rights

MODULE 3 e 4 (BPSv5.1)- Respect labor rights and occupational health and safety standards
MODULE 5 (BPSv5.1)- Manage inbound efficiencies, production and processing to increase sustainability
MODULE 6 (BPSv5.1) – Actively manage biodiversity and ecosystem services.
MODULE 7 (BPSv5.1) – Actively manage biodiversity and ecosystem services and continually improve other key areas of the business.


The intro module provides the viewer with a broad view of the Bonsucro Production Standard version 5.1 and its main changes. In this first video, the Bonsucro, presents how the update process and its changes were developed and how the certification protocol was designed in the version 6. In addition to mentioning instructions for using the Bonsucro calculator.
The reasons that culminated in the revisions of the versions, were due to the achievements made by sugarcane producers, aiming at the continuous improvement of the good practices of the UAIC. In this way ensuring that the Bonsucro standard,  be a tool that aims to plan a more conscious and sustainable 5-year future regarding labor and environmental issues
Still thinking about the reasons why such improvement was claimed, stand out
1.       Improve the work situation and well-being
2.       expand deligence
3.       Develop a management system
4.       Streamline the audit process
5.       Promoting climate resilience.
In this way, the Production Standard version 5.1 becomes effective from September 2022, and after this date all audits must be carried out to comply with this new version.
About the Certification Protocol, also updated to version 6, and the same applies to certification bodies. And from July 2022 auditors will lead the audit process / certification based on this new version.
still about dates, but now about the calculator, in day 30/03/2022,  a new calculator version has been published 5.1.2 (SCH_Bonsucro V5.1.2_ENG) which replaces the version 5.1.1 anterior. The new file is available free of charge in Bonsucro's QMS library at  The new version of the calculator must be completed for audits against Bonsucro Production Standard V5.1, for audits of Bonsucro Production Standard V4.2, the applicable calculator version is V4.1.4. .

This is original BiO3 content based on the Bonsucro standard. To learn more about the new production pattern changes, access here. For questions suggestions, between me contact us.