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The role of biO3 in relation to SAF and other Biomaterials and Biofuels

The fuel of the future

Sustainable Aviation Fuel (PURE) is gaining prominence in global aviation as a solution to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Certifications and regulations, as RSB CORSIA, ISCC CORSIA and o “Aviation ReFuelEU”, are crucial to ensuring responsible production and increasing demand for SAF. Brazil, as an ethanol producer, plays an important role in the transition to SAF. Cooperation between governments, industry and institutions is essential. SAF not only reduces emissions, but also makes aviation more sustainable and competitive.

biO3 in action

Thus, It is with great success that we announce that biO3 will play an important role in certification in the area of ​​civil aviation, offering training to ISCC EU and ISCC CORSIA standards.

This involves presenting the characteristics of both certification systems and how the standards apply to the scope of the plant. It is worth highlighting the importance of ISCC certification in the energy sector, with great focus on our blog and already covered in other content.

Furthermore, a focus is given to the CORSIA Program, extremely connected to the latest published content, as it focuses on reducing and offsetting carbon in civil aviation.

The basic systems requirements and the ISCC certification process are also detailed points in the training, an important step to ensure the knowledge and aptitude of employees when it comes to Sustainable Aviation Fuel and market development.

Social and environmental certifications

In addition to the aforementioned certifications, biO3 also offers a range of services regarding other socio-environmental certifications (access to be directed to the portfolio), such as ISCC Plus, RSB, RSB CORSIA, RTRS and Bonsucro.

Certifications represent important tools for any organization that wishes to have appropriate communication with society and stakeholders and that aims to remain firm and with a correct positioning..

We operate in different areas, being them:

  • Biomaterials and Biofuels;
  • Sustainable Aviation Fuels (PURE);
  • Sugar cane and by-products;
  • Soy and by-products;
  • Palm oil and by-products;
  • Recyclable yarns and fabrics.

Roundtable Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB), Bonsucro, RTRS and ISCC system (LANE, EU, Plus) are the international standards on which we advise organizations in the Biomaterials sector, Biofuels and SAF.

This service involves delivering a critical analysis of the organization and its actions, and training to ensure that organizations meet the requirements for the desired certification.

These involve a diagnosis of the organization and strategic review, Benchmarkings and standardization of indicators between certifications, assessment of compliance with legal requirements, support for compliance with standards, data collection for carbon intensity spreadsheet (Renovacalc and Bonsucro), employee training and engagement, among others that aim to improve the organization's performance and its compliance with legal and environmental requirements.

Internal audits, capable management and assistance in maintaining certification accompany this entire process, based on our mission to advise clients in areas of interest and offer integrated and effective solutions in the environment and sustainability guided by science and innovation, This is the identity of biO3.

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