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Bonsucro Global Week 2022

Bonsucro is the leading global sustainability platform and standard for sugarcane, one of the most important cultures in the world. Its purpose is to collectively accelerate the production and sustainable uses of sugarcane. Between the days 17 e 20 of October, Bonsucro Global Week will take place, in the city of Ribeirao Preto, SP, counting on days of insightful presentations, panel discussions and networking.

what is expected

To start, an opening ceremony will take place with the presence of representatives of the Brazilian government and highlights of the sugar-energy sector. on reception day, Bonsucro certification updates will also be presented.

Participants will have the chance to learn from experts and share their own experiences.. The event will address complex global challenges, will tell inspiring stories and provide the latest insights into sustainability in sugarcane.

During the other days of the event, interactive sessions will start early, addressing important issues in recent times in sugarcane production, highlights and examples of success in Brazil, plus national and international certification histories.

A very content-rich event can be expected, that will address from the sugarcane market itself, to best practice tips and tools that can be adhered to to sustainably boost it, and how to maintain these practices.

Therefore, will be days with itineraries full of interactive sessions, conversations and even awards, great opportunity for companies and producers that are part of the, or intend to improve their knowledge on the subject. Furthermore, the possibility of networking and recognition of important pillars of sustainable sugarcane production.

For more information about the event and the full agenda, access the indicated link.

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