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Advice for Bonsucro certification

certification adviceCertification advice

biO3 environment and sustainability announces that it participated in the advisory for Biosev certification in the Bonsucro Standard at the Santa Elisa Unit, sugar and alcohol plant located in the city of Sertãozinho, interior of São Paulo.

The expectation is that the partnership will continue for the next projects.

Bonsucro certification

Bonsucro certification is a global initiative to comply with the European Directive that developed a certification standard aimed at achieving sustainable sugarcane production (biomass) and their respective products, such as: like sugar and ethanol, in social issues, environmental and economic.

Bonsucro (Better Sugar Cane Initiative) developed a set of principles, criteria, indicators and verifiers, that are used to certify sugar and ethanol producers that comply with them, all around the world.
Certification is granted to the sugar and ethanol plant, but the assessment is based on an audit of the mill and the sugarcane-producing agricultural area.

Economic operators after the plant, like ports, warehouses and traders, can also be certified by the Bonsucro Chain of Custody Standard, and the Certification Protocol authorizes sustainability claims in the final consumer product.

Only qualified auditors and certification bodies approved by Bonsucro carry out the audits and grant the certification.

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