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Climate Circularity, actions harmful to the planet that have become cyclical over the years.

Circularity is a feminine noun that attributes character or quality to what is circular. Bringing a figurative sense of continuity, cycle. While the word “Climate” is a relative to climate.

In this way, we can attribute to “climate circularity” a figurative meaning of actions that are cyclical linked to climate, such as climate change. Which are actions harmful to the planet that have become cyclical over the years, that have harmfully impacted the chemical processes, natural physical and biological aspects of the planet.

currently, small and large companies have been concerned about the steps of their production processes to minimize the impacts of these changes, thereby fostering climate resilience, in your business management, internal and external, informing society about the origin and manufacturing process of your product. At this point, transparency is what prevails. But it's not enough.

Brazil already perceives these impacts

Recently in the first quarter of the year 2022, in Brazil, the population has followed numerous environmental disasters resulting from climate change. Clear and practical examples that touch the theme were the heavy rains in the states of Bahia and Rio de Janeiro in the city of Petrópolis.

Unfortunately, both cases provided a scenario of public calamity for all residents of the region. These heavy rains are a result of climate change events that will occur in greater intensity over the years. Extreme events will be increasingly frequent and worrying.

The extreme events, as the case of the rains that hit the cities mentioned, are part of a cyclical movement that the world population has chronically developed. The rampant consumption, poor management of solid waste, liquids, organic and inorganic, mistaken cultivation practices and so many other factors culminated in the imbalance of the ecosystem providing this current state.

how can we act

In fact, the balance that the planet had in its original formation does not and will not exist anymore. Nonetheless, it is up to society and public and private entities to promote actions that lead to the mitigation of the perpetuation of these events.

good management, with the mapping of weaknesses and strengths, with a clear plan of what should be adapted, can be a way. Massively invest in educating the population about the problem and the plan for adaptation, have clarity and stakeholder commitment, showing how such conducts will be beneficial to the collective and the continuous verification of their achieved goals.

The results may provide a change in the way of relating to the environment and society, in the form of consuming, in the way human beings live. This type of management, it is simply the foundations of sustainability.

This type of management, should be idealized for a business design that is economically viable, for a society that preserves equity, fostering an environment that is environmentally friendly.

Beyond thinking globally: act locally

Recently, at the end of the year 2021 The podcast “Vozes do Planeta” presented by Paulina Chamorro and produced by André Casé brought a series of interviews with reference people in socio-environmental themes to talk about the theme of this management and the events of climate circularity.

on the podcast, interviewees made it clear that, scientifically, we must obligatorily, “break” this cyclical way of producing, of how we consume and how we organize ourselves as a society. So that in this way we mitigate the events of extreme alterations and of those who know the impossibility of life on planet earth.

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