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A sigla RSB (Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials – Round table on sustainable biomaterials) is a global organization of independent multistakeholders driving the development of a circular economy on a global scale based on sustainable solutions, standard certification and collaborative partnerships. Furthermore, provide solutions that contribute to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (United Nations SDG).

of the day 28 from november to december 1st the main event of the organization will take place, a RSB annual conference 2022. The conference involves fully virtual interactions and engagements for global stakeholders across the bioeconomy (the last day will be for members only). The event will present content that promises to enable organizations and stakeholders to fulfill the promise of the bioeconomy.

Positive Impacts and Collaboration

the focus of 2022, is not just laying the groundwork to show the impact of RSB projects and programs, as in 2021, but collaborate for the action, building on past progress to accelerate the global journey from risk mitigation to positive impacts.

Another point to be highlighted in the event is that it will focus on building an alliance of positive impacts, also deepening the support mechanisms.

what is expected

In general, expert panels can be expected, practical case studies, insights do setor, specific action plans and public networking opportunities. Furthermore, Exclusive Workshops on the RSB Standard will take place, Chamber sessions to bring together the RSB member groups, between others. A very busy itinerary is to be expected., better detailed on the portal with event details, agenda and program information, sponsors and organizations that have already participated.

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