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Understanding forestry

Forestry, science that studies the natural and artificial ways of exploiting forests

Forestry is the science that studies the natural and artificial ways to restore and improve forest population, to meet market requirements. This study can be applied to maintenance, in the use and conscientious use of forests.

We can divide it into classic and modern. The classic involves natural forests, seeking productive forces from ecological sites, and the restrictions are determined by the need not to harm the natural stability of the ecosystem.. the modern, understands the forest as an exploratory commercial source, autonomously and artificially maintained.

Nonetheless, the central objective of both classifications is the production of wood..

The management of both cultures requires the participation of technicians from different areas, as agronomists, Biologists, Forestry Engineers and many others. Although, it is noteworthy that modern forestry is not only intended to produce wood, but also services and goods.

within forestry, its management is expected to be sustainable., as provided for in the Forest Code Legislation (LEI NO 12.651, FROM 25 FROM MAY OF 2012.) Article 3 item 7, configures sustainable management being the administration of natural vegetation to obtain economic benefits, social and environmental, respecting the mechanisms of support of the ecosystem that is the object of the management and considering, cumulatively or alternatively, the use of multiple wood species or not, of multiple products and by-products of flora, as well as the use of other goods and services;

New Brazilian Forest Code

The New Brazilian Forest Code (LEI NO 12.651, FROM 25 FROM MAY OF 2012.) has two chapters focused on forestry. Chapter seven being (VII) for greater regulations regarding actual forest exploitation. While chapter eight (VIII) they only adhere to the control of the origin of the products from this extraction.

In addition to the Brazilian Forest Code, other legislation referring to other biomes, that possibly can play a forestry function, are existing and necessary for the legality of the action. such as the law 11.428 from 2016 to the Atlantic Forest, just like the law 13.550 from 2009 to the Cerrado Paulista.  With specifics for these locations.

FSC e Madeira Legal

'Legalized' is the term which means that the extraction is authorized by environmental agencies thus presenting the Forest Origin Document (DOF). Nonetheless, this "legalization" does not determine that the removal of wood does not affect the ecosystem. This security is only given by the certification., that guarantees the lowest possible social and environmental impact in the extraction process.

The certification, worldwide and nationally it can be done by FSC and legal Madeira.

FSC, Forest Stewardship Council (Forest Management Council, in a free translation) is a non-governmental body that promotes sustainable forest management worldwide. Through its certification system, the FSC seal recognizes the responsible production of forest products, enabling consumers and businesses to make informed purchasing decisions, benefiting people and the environment, as well as adding value to the business

The legal Madeira seal is granted by SIMA (Infrastructure and Environment Secretariat of the State of São Paulo) for companies with headquarters or branch in the State of São Paulo, that market forest products and by-products of native origin of the Brazilian flora in a responsible manner. Obtaining this certification, bring the company, to the producer and society, numerous benefits such as, a Contribution to the protection of native forests, Prominence in the market as a company committed to the environment and greater added value to the product

How to find certified products?

We often know the importance of certification and the value that the product promotes in the production chain involved in obtaining certification. Nonetheless, most of the time the consumer is left without concrete and credible information, certifying that the product is really certified by the competent body.

Thinking about that, and also with a character of reliability in its work and transparency with society, the FSC has a specific website, with a database, with all institutions that have active certification and the product that is marketed. This database being globally.

No site, the internet user can select the country, the company and the product you want to verify the certification.

Nonetheless, the vast majority of people already consume products that have this type of certification in their daily lives. Like for example, the stationery, like coloring pencils and notebooks. In addition to cosmetic and perfume product packaging.

The adoption of the consumption of products that have this seal by the population should be increasing, bringing like this, benefits on a macro scale and not just to the productive and restricted circle of a given product.

Just like the FSC, the cool wood seal, has a database on the website of the city of São Paulo that shows all the companies involved and certified in their products and by-products.

To learn more about the subject, you can access the websites of institutions that promote certification, like the FSC it's the Legal Wood Seal Furthermore, you can be the Forest Code in full here.

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