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To Australia, Tesla's giant battery has already yielded $1 million

On December 1st, 2017, Tesla's 100MV battery system came into service in South Australia after being built in just 100 days, at the request of Elon Musk himself.

The battery has already proven to be useful. In day 14 from December, a coal-fired thermoelectric plant had a problem and had to stop its power generation. in milliseconds, Tesla's battery was already supplying energy to the region's grid.

Now she proves that in addition to being useful, is also profitable. According to a report by Renew Economy, Australian renewable energy specialist website, Tesla's battery system may have generated its owners, neon, near $800 AUD (US$800 thousand or R$2,547.02) In a few days.

currently, 70/MW/39MWh of battery capacity is reserved for the South Australia state government in case of need. the rest, 30MW/90MWh, is under the control of Neoen. The company has been selling its production for $14 (R$36) per MWh in days 18 e 19 of january 2018, while paying next to nothing to generate electricity.

The Australian government has a strong interest in Tesla batteries because it has been facing power generation problems for years., with old thermoelectric plants that don't work well, high temperatures and the inconsistency of solar and wind power generation. Some regions of the country have faced high energy prices and frequent blackouts.

The battery is the result of a partnership between the French company Neoen and Tesla, who created the effective battery design. The battery has the same technology as Tesla car batteries. It is connected to an Australian wind farm and is the largest lithium battery in the world., being described by Musk as three times more powerful than the next best drum in the world.

Twitter Challenge

The idea for the construction came from a challenge made by a fan on Twitter. He questioned whether the owner of Tesla was serious about the challenge of power generation in Australia, and Musk not only answered yes, but that the work would be delivered in 100 days. If the deadline was not met, the Australian state would receive electricity for free. The countdown started on the day 30 of September, after the project was approved by the state, and the battery was inaugurated in just 60 days.

The battery can supply power to 30 a thousand houses for an hour, but for now it will only be used to stabilize the regular energy supply.. The two companies are building a 20MW battery in the Australian state of Victoria.

Batteries far beyond Australia

Other similar smaller batteries also help California's power supply, Hawaii, New Zealand and United Kingdom. Luxury hotels in South Africa also use Tesla's small energy storage systems.

The company promised to ship batteries to Puerto Rico, which lost almost all power generation systems when Hurricane Maria passed through the region in 2017.

Tesla must face up-to-date competitors in 2019, when a battery 50% bigger than the Australian will be connected in South Korea. [The Science Page, BBC]

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