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How Petrobras intends to explore offshore wind energy in Brazil

Petrobras and the Norwegian company Equinor (ex-Statoil) recently signed a memorandum of understanding for the joint development of businesses to operate in the offshore wind energy segment (offshore) No brazil.

The state-owned company has already built a pilot plant, with wind turbines whose generation capacity is of 6 a 10 megawatts (MW). They will be installed in Guamaré, in Rio Grande do Norte.

The choice of region is not casual: also considering Ceará, the offshore wind potential of the two states is around 140 GW (gigawatts). That's more than ten times the capacity – e 90% of full power – installed today in Brazil.

Petrobras has four wind farms in Rio Grande do Norte, with 104 MW of capacity, that were traded in the Regulated Trading Environment (ACR) in the reserve energy auction of 2009 and went into operation in 2011. still in the same state, the company has a photovoltaic solar energy research and development plant in 1,1 MW, where the operations of four types of technology are being evaluated.

Equinor operates three wind farms off the coast of the United Kingdom and develops other offshore wind projects in Germany and the United States. The company, world leader in carbon capture and storage (CCS), is a pioneer in the development of solutions for offshore wind projects for deep water.

Investments in renewable energy Petrobras

The Director of Strategies at Petrobras, Nelson silva, said that the state's plan for the period 2019/2023 will give more room for investments in renewable energy. Detailed planning is expected to be announced in early December. “Different from previous shots, that we mentioned an intention, now we are going to start moving more in that direction.”

According to the director, if it is feasible, the state-owned company may further increase its participation in renewable energy. “If opportunities are identified that can be developed, the intention is to dedicate part of the company's capital to these projects, but before all that comes the economic analysis.. It has to be economically viable speaking”.

For Silva, participation in renewables is a trend in the global energy market. “It's step by step, will not be a radical change. We are already active in this area, albeit modest, but we want to grow a little more”.


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