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Photovoltaic panels can be purchased with 60% discount in SC

celesc photovoltaic panels

Home photovoltaic panels, an Energy Efficiency Program

After project success efficient bonus, an incentive program, that replaced more than 70 thousand old appliances for new and more efficient models with 50% discount from market price. A Celesc (Centrais Elétricas de Santa Catarina S.A.) launch the project photovoltaic bonus, which will follow the discount templates of its predecessor, with discounts of up to 60% in the purchase of domestic photovoltaic panels.

O Photovoltaic Bonus is another initiative of Celesc's Energy Efficiency Program, the SPECelesc, which is gaining fame throughout the country due to the economic benefits combined with social and environmental gains, sustainably.

"Our goal is to bring innovative proposals to consumers for electricity generation and, at the same time, make it possible to reduce the cost of energy in the budget of families and spread the safe and rational use of this input, which is essential for the economic development of the entire society", highlights the president of the company, Cleverson Siewert.

How will the photovoltaic bonus?

Through the acquisition of the photovoltaic system offered by the project, the consumer will generate energy for household consumption, and the surplus of generation, will be introduced into the distribution system and reverted to consumer credit. This credit can be used to pay for the energy consumed in the home with the photovoltaic system, or in any other unit, as long as it is of the same ownership, and that is connected to Celesc's system.

efficient bonus 11,9 millions, will have a counterpart from customers of R$ 6,7 millions, and each consumer will pay, by the installed system, R$ 6,68 thousand. This value equals 40% of the material of photovoltaic systems, the remaining, efficient bonus, will be paid by Celesc's Energy Efficiency Program.

The estimated generation of the systems offered by the project should be approximately 280 kWh/month, in ideal conditions.

"The return on investment for the final consumer is three to four years, with the life of the equipment 25 years old", highlights the peeCelesc coordinator, Marco Aurelio Gianesini.

In addition to the benefits of purchasing the systems, the project promotes the decentralization of network distribution, reducing costs and direct inefficiencies of this system, in addition to being a low-impact technology, and contribute, on a national scale, for the climate goals of reducing CO2 emissions and generating energy from alternative sources.

the state of Santa Catarina, currently, has an installed power in distributed generation of 5,8 MW. The project will be responsible for installing other 2,6 MW, about half of what is generated today, putting the state at the forefront of this type of generation.

Requirements to participate in the Project

To participate, residential consumers must comply with Celesc and register via the internet. The process takes into account some criteria., if all requirements are met, the consumer joins the installation list.

The residence must have a minimum area of 20 m² available on the roof for installation of photovoltaic panels, book of sombreamentos, North facing roof orientation, with admitted deviation +/- 30°, roof slope of 15° to 25° in relation to the horizontal plane and average consumption greater than 350 kWh in the last 12 months. efficient bonus. efficient bonus 2,6 kWp.

until the end of the year, the project will not be available to interested parties.. efficient bonus. efficient bonus. The installation of the panels in the homes will be carried out after technical validation of the location. For more information, follow project updates on Celesc website.