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Energy efficiency in buildings: know the PROCEL seal

The Ministry of Environment released, in may of this year, a series of videos that address energy efficiency in buildings. On them, the ministry introduces the principles of the national seal, your importance, the challenges for the market and the results that are expected from the initiative.

O ENCE (acronym for National Energy Conservation Label) can be used both in commercial buildings and in homes., whether public or private. Your guidelines are pretty simple., focus on the efficiency of the envelope, lighting and air conditioning presented by buildings.

The dynamics of ENCE

The label has very interesting solutions, the seal is obtained through efficiency, although, it splits into three other stamps, which are its own principles. A building may prefer the seal on only one of the three requirements. Being efficient at wrapping, for example.

To have an efficient building (ENCE A rating), Nonetheless, the process is different. The average of the unit classifications of the three principles will correspond to the classification of the building in the general ENCE seal. For example, a building that presents a B grade in envelope, grade A in lighting, and grade A in air conditioning, will be efficiently labeled A grade in the overall ENCE. That simple.

Thus, the technologies used in each project may vary., but the result remains the same. Everything will depend on regional conditions for the use of certain technologies and accessibility within the project..

3E Project: Videos classes on energy efficiency

And to make it even easier to understand the initiative, O MMA released on its page a series of videos covering the whole subject.

There are eight videos in total., and all are already available to the public.. The content is treated in a simple and easy to understand way., and is addressed not only to the specialized community., but also to the general public, with tips for changes and reductions in energy costs through some incentives.

Below is the first episode of the series., a “Introduction to ENCE in Buildings”:

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