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Multinationals plan to recycle 100% of your packages!

an ambitious plan

Nestlé announced an ambitious global commitment: become 100% of its packaging possible to be recyclable or reusable up to 2025 (see here). The intention is that no packaging is disposed of in landfills or ends up as waste in seas, oceans and rivers. The food giant follows other consumer multinationals. These companies have been under pressure from environmentalists and consumers to adopt measures to reduce the disposal of materials that take hundreds of years to decompose, like plastic and glass. Recycle.

To reduce your plastic footprint, Coca-Cola gives a discount and even home!

in March of this year, Coca-Cola revealed, for the first time, the amount of plastic you use in the production of your packaging: 3 million tons of material per year, or equivalent to about 200 thousand bottles per minute. The data appears in a report that the giant of the beverage sector shared with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, entity that spearheads circular economy projects around the world.

The push for more transparency represents a big step for the company to reduce its “plastic footprint” and reach the global goal announced last year of collecting and recycling the equivalent of 100% from the packaging it places on the market to 2030 (look here). Part of the strategy to get there involves encouraging the use of returnable bottles – and not, it's not just the glass ones, but from the plastic packaging too.

currently, 20% of the plastic packaging that the company places on the Brazilian market can be returned to points of sale to be reused in the packaging process of the brand's soft drinks. It was necessary to adapt part of the production line to clean the containers, apply and remove paper labels, at each new cycle of bottles. Each returnable plastic packaging can be reused up to 12 times (the glass comes to 25 times).

To increase reuse rates, Coca-Cola is investing in the expansion of these lines, factory equipment and packaging purchase. No brazil, the company will reach the end of five years (2016-2020) with investment of BRL 1,6 billion to ensure the goals of its packaging policies.


It is no longer created and developed with cheap third world labor, abusive uses of resources and often inefficient processes. The current world has its eye on everything, and who still remains with this vision, capitalism and its consumers do the job of ensuring who remains competitive in the market. Ouch, problem solved.

Transparency is the differential today, and who knows that, not reluctant to keep up with changes. From annual sustainability reports to products with production chain information on your mobile screen (find out about the blockchain in the supply chain), sustainable development is the present. Of course, in a world full of parallels, it's not difficult to find societies that haven't even reached the limit of consumption, would need to consume to call it that. And for this, sustainable development is also the solution. Reduces inequalities, ensures that the next generations do not encounter imbalances, may have the same opportunities to access information, and consumption power (aware) equals.

Good, but what does all this talk have to do with the post title? Response: everything! Do you know why? An organization that brings ethical and ecological principles into its processes and products will be today, an avant-garde company, to take the initiative to change the market, is that, certainly, will attract an audience more connected to these themes. Tomorrow, perhaps, be different, who is not on that line, has not adopted these practices, maybe you're having a hard time…

the world is changing, diagnoses of entire cities are being published. And in them are the paths on how to reach circularity, not only from the entrepreneur, but also from society, and very well detailed, with market potential, engagement of public agents in strengthening support policies…

What these news items have in common is: whoever takes the lead in their sectors in adopting truly changing practices, will not regret the future results, without a shadow of a doubt.

Then, you entrepreneur, adopt sustainable practices in your business, the results will be seen shortly. Recycle


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