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Consulting Services in High Conservation Value Areas

The approach related to High Conservation Value Areas is a methodology to identify and protect the impacts of land use change. It is globally applicable across a wide range of scales, as in great landscapes, farms, plantations and small properties, in ecosystems (from forests to pastures) and productive systems.

Several socio-environmental certifications for compliance with EU RED II, such as Bonsucro, RSPO, RSB, among others use this concept of A.A.V.C.

From the mapping of these areas, rational management decisions can be made that are consistent with protecting the important environmental and social values ​​of a forest area.

The analysis of land use changes (MUT) has great importance, enabling a diagnosis of impacts generated on land, CO2 emission calculation, in addition to analysis of water resources. Can prevent drastic consequences for site resources.

It is with great success that we announce the possibility of the new service offered by biO3, back to the image area, consultancy in High Conservation Value Areas. We operate in different areas, being them:

  • Environmental conservation and protection areas, APP, Legal Reserve and native vegetation;
  • rural settlements, archaeological sites and areas used for cultural and religious expressions;
  • Water resources.

Included in the aforementioned areas, products such as the Pedological Map will also be offered to aid in the preparation of Soil Management Units, Map of Water Resources and General Map with the scope of Certification, showing the areas with ineligible plots.

A Pedological Map is defined by the “set of information related to the thematic mapping of soils, like maps, vector files and documents” (IBGE). Hydrographic or water resources maps represent the rivers, lagos, basins and seas of a region. Both are of paramount importance and widely used in the study of the aforementioned elements., soil and water. for solos, can represent their various ratings across the country, that depend on factors such as climate, topography, originating material, between others. Just like on hydrographic maps, that vary not only by the types of water resources, but in representation, from representations of watersheds and abundant resources, to small rivers and forms of supply with proper ownership.

for the service, we will act following some points, What:

  • 1º Land Use Conversion Analysis (MUT) 2008 – With A4 maps by farms;
  • 2º Land Use Conversion Analysis (MUT) 2021 – With A4 maps by farms;
  • 3º High Conservation Value A0 maps.
  • Classification and mapping of HCVA's;
  • Diagnosis of impacts.

For more information about the new service offered by biO3 visit our portfolio, containing a complete presentation on the topic, in addition to other services offered.

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