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Thank you is the first coconut company in the world to become B Corp

Thanks, Bahian brand of water and coconut-based products, has just received the B Corp certification and becomes part of the global network of companies and organizations that combine economic growth with the promotion of social and environmental well-being.

Among the main factors that led the company to obtain this recognition is the preservation of the Atlantic Forest in most of its coconut farms, partnership with local communities for the development of the region, the creation of the Instituto Gente, which supports cultural and educational projects in the Pedra Grande community, no count (BA), and the focus on zero waste production.

To be classified as a B company - "Beneficial", the company is voluntarily evaluated by the non-profit organization B Lab (USA) more than 180 factors, ranging from analysis of corporate buildings - how much they are ecologically correct -, the way employees are treated, even the transparency presented in the corporate report.

With regard to cultivation, on farms located on the north coast of Bahia (BA), near 70% of more than 6 thousand hectares of land consists of untouched and preserved Atlantic Forest, with ecological corridors used to expand flora and fauna. The mosaic planting allows coconut cultivation in areas adjacent to the original forest, ensuring that native animals and birds are not harmed by the activities. This nature reserve is responsible for maintaining the balance for the 30% of the cultivated land, contributing to healthier soil, less pests and more yield. The cultivated area still collaborates with the reduction of 34 thousand tons of carbon dioxide, equivalent to CO² emission of 4 thousand homes a year.

Social responsability Thanks

In addition to environmental respect, the brand also values ​​social responsibility by maintaining, through social projects and encouraging local production, the surrounding community with approximately two hundred people. Part of the coconuts used in the company's production are purchased from regional producers, that are instructed by Thank you technicians on how to achieve greater productivity. “Thank you's relationship with local partners is also extremely important for the development of the region., principally, because the company has established itself in an area lacking in industries - all companies are located on the opposite side. And the creation of Instituto Gente, that supports educational and cultural projects, further strengthens our ties and commitment to the Pedra Grande community, no count ", explains the CEO.

Instituto Gente is the main sponsor of Escola Castro Alves, unique in the region, and that benefits 120 kids (Come in 3 e 16 years old) e 40 adults with extracurricular classes and activities (song, capoeira and digital inclusion). Installed in a modern building, provided by the company, the school has four classrooms, computer rooms, reading, recreation Area, own vegetable garden and provides 5 meals a day for children. With the Institute, children no longer need to travel 5km to be able to access dignified and quality education. The school, inclusive, was installed even before the industry was formally established., as the company aimed at the well-being of the community and the human development of the region.

Zero Waste

One of the company's main goals is to be a Zero Waste company. Therefore, during production, the focus is to make the most of all parts of the coconut. From the young and green fruit, Coconut water is produced Thank you, famous for being the only totally natural, no added sugars and preservatives. The white pulp of the dried coconut is used for extracting coconut milk.. The rind of the fruit is transformed into biodegradable blankets and biorolls, which are used to optimize the process of recovering degraded areas by recovering the vegetation of slopes and slopes.

The company has 52 local artists, employing others 220 people in other areas of the business and all employees receive about 60 hours of training per year on sustainable agriculture, irrigation and plant nutrition.

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