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Month of June: the month of the environment

In 05 June 1972, the United Nations (HIM-HER-IT) started the event that became known as the Stockholm Conference. During the 11 conference days, you 113 countries present, among them Brazil, discussed the consequences of environmental degradation. It was on the same day that the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) was raised, also recording the date as World Environment Day.

World environment day 2021

for the year of 2021, the theme chosen for the date was “Ecosystem Restoration” and will be hosted by Pakistan. The proposal is to encourage people to be active and not anxious and to be bold, not shy, in addition to stressing that the current generation is the generation that can make peace with nature. Proposed to plant trees, food changes, cleaning up rivers and coasts and making cities greener.

The theme arose from the speech of experts who warn about the fact that the entire world has its ecosystems collapsing. For everyone's awareness, the official World Environment Day website offers important information about each ecosystem, in addition to a practical guide to ecosystem restoration. No brazil, different cities offer online schedules throughout the week, that day 05 from june to the day 09 of June.

Facts and Figures

But why ecosystem restoration is so important? Ecosystem degradation is estimated to affect 40% of the world population, contributes to the loss of 10 millions of hectares of forests worldwide each year and increasing contact between humans and wildlife, thus contributing to the emergence of new diseases, in addition to affecting various ecosystem services and, consequently, the world economy. That is, restoration is good for the planet, for all species and for society.

In numbers, if the current senario is not reversed, consumers will see food prices soar by up to 30%, world GDP will lose about $10 trillion and US farmers will have to shell out half a billion dollars a year on extra fertilizers in cornfields.. Furthermore, until 2050, land degradation and climate change will contribute to the migration of 700 millions of people.

United Nations Decade of Ecosystem Restoration

Along with World Environment Day of 2021, the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) will mark the official launch of the United Nations Decade of Ecosystem Restoration. For many 10 years seems a long time, but for scientists these next few years are crucial in the fight against climate change and the extinction of countless species. Aiming to reach the largest possible audience with the initiative, the team behind the project, coordinated by Tim Christopherson, interviewed diverse groups in order to answer the question “How to inspire people to act and connect small steps towards collective and transformative change?”.

Thereby, the 2000 people of 140 different countries that responded to the survey., 99% said they would like to take action in support of the UN Decade, 57% were under 34 years old and 68% has a personal interest in ecosystem restoration. It is clear that youth has a fundamental role in the proposal., being willing to allocate part of their free time to help the planet. Nonetheless, many professionals in the field find some obstacles to putting actions into practice, lack of funding and political support and from large organizations.

In addition, were listed 10 actions that can build the so-called "Restoration Generation". Are they: strengthen a global movement; invest in restoration; establish the right incentives; celebrate leadership; behavior change; invest in research; build capacity; celebrate a culture of restoration; build the next generation; and listen and learn.

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