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car in garage, take the bike and love the city

And if the car were, unlike the bicycle, our weekend item. And if the bicycle were our main means of transport in everyday life? And if we stopped at a terminal, get on an integrated bus or subway and get to work in 30, 40 minutes? And with an observation, no transits!

This is one of the possible solutions, and that many already use to dribble the chaos we live in today.

And that's not just a problem in big cities, the small ones already show worrying trends, with chaotic traffic in its urban centers. Because? There is no structure in any of these cities to accommodate one car per inhabitant, or for two, or three.

car at home use bicycle
Berlin is the city with the greatest extension of its cycle paths, with a total 750 kilometers exclusive bike lanes.

Let's go back to the solutions. And before starting, it is noteworthy that these solutions are not just for large centers, but for all cities. You shouldn't wait for the metropolis to change, introduce us to changing trends, so that only later we can copy them.

Less car (s), more smart cities

Ever wonder, in the center of your city, a practically nil flow of cars? Sim, equal to zero. And in their place, bikes, bike racks, loan stations. And to get to all this, an efficient and comprehensive bus network, with integration, smart stations and regional terminals throughout the city, and that can make the junction of the different means of transport throughout the region concentrating the population? The results would bring numerous benefits, not only in the quality of life, but in the quality of the city.

Cycling in the city is to observe its small changes, know its smallest details, feel the freedom to ride and interact with those who share with you.

The car must not be forgotten, but we could use it in a smarter way. on weekends, on a walk, on a long journey, when visiting distant family members, for example.

the big centers, like São Paulo, already use ideas like this, in partnerships with banks (customer loan stations) or even with public loan stations. Bike lanes with kilometer extensions and buses almost every minute. But we know that changing transport in São Paulo will be much more complicated than a city in the interior, the scale is gigantic, the process is slower, But it's not impossible, not crazy, as many say.

brt cars
BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) no rio, main transport to be used at the Olympics, promises to be synonymous with efficiency in the city.

Don't belittle the greatness of walking (or pedal)

Prioritizing the bicycle is not impoverishing anyone, is to enrich the city, the population. Prioritizing mass transport is to facilitate commuting, reduce travel time, the expenses. And make the city accessible to everyone.

Self-reflection and our mission as an individual

The idea here is not to detail, but open space for reflection on our choices, show how urban transport nowadays is very individual, that problems are reflections of our choices, that reflect on the choices of our public managers.

There is no problem that cannot be solved. Then, if you agree that something must change, start today. use car for travel, weekend trip, avoid stress, increase your quality of life, and prioritize the collective. If you are going out in the city, go by bike, go by bus. If your city does not have good indicators, covers investments and changes. Remember if, the city is our reflection.